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Leading off... The Name:

Starting off with a name to incorporate his love of sports and film, Craig Michaelson created FullSwing Films as his way to help come up with projects in both the athletic and the creative world. Full Swing is term used in both sports and entertainment production worlds. So, why not... It was also better than Minor League Productions.

Next up... The Training:

Craig is a professional actor. After a few years in front of the camera, he gravitated towards the other side of the lens. Being a Journalism major, he took to writing instantly. That evolved to directing. Which led itself to producing, editing, shooting... you get the picture.

He has been involved over the last 10 years with over 30 various productions, working in all aspects of the production. Anywhere from Editor, Camera Assistant, PA, Casting Assistant with productions that came in through Oregon at the time (Thumbsucker, Elimidate, Weakest Link, Trading Spouses).

On Deck... The Work:

Craig has been using FullSwing Films as his production company, but has also been contracted out to do sports video work for the Portland Timbers soccer club, the late Portland Beavers baseball team and is currently onboard for CBS Sports/ His work in sports has been seen on ESPN, Fox SportsNet, CBS College Sports Network and Cox Cable VOD.

When not producing athletic content, Craig has been involved in many various productions. Besides the internal projects, he's been contracted out to create material for: Mosiac's Kodak demo campaign, Samsung's internal field program, Zaps Technologies, Perpetua, Cascade Prodrug, Cheever Capitol Management and Baseball Northwest to name a few.

From the 'creation' side, his team of creative and like minded individuals have produced various shorts, series and internet videos. From the film "Darling Nikki", to the webseries "Monday Morning", to many various spoofs that can be found everywhere all over the world wide web.

Now, living in Los Angeles, Craig also noticed where some more of his skillset could come into use; Demo Reel Scenes. He's currently being hired out to help shoot, produce, write and edit scenes for actors so that they can effectively show off thier acting skills. He's also chopping up demo reels and helping actors put their auditions on tape.

In The Hole... The Future:

As of right now, there are three feature lenghts scripts being developed, along with "Caught In The Rain", which is sitting, waiting for some funding. Also, coming soon will be the daily VLog 69 Second Sports... One minute and nine seconds of opinions from 5 various fans perspectives from all over.

For his filmmaking work, Craig has won a Telly Award (Portland Timbers VideoCast) and was a Top 250 Director for the third outing of "Project GreenLight", for his scene 'Expiate'. What else? Well, lets see...


For more info about Craig Michaelson, the actor... be sure to check out his website.... click HERE








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