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A smattering of what we've done

So, I had a wild hair. I've always been a fan of the group 'E.S. Posthumus' work, and then I heard a few new songs from their offshoot 'Les Friction' and became hooked (reason for the offshoot; one of the 2 brothers died). Anyways, It's an epic sound and nothing felt more epic than the upcoming release of the Avengers film. So... what you see below is the culmination of that... and honeslty, about 10 total editing hours...

Avengers: Origins Trailer - Fan ReCut MashUp

And then there's some oldies, but goodies... Like some projects I did as shorts, a 48 Hour Film, A recent web series, a couple music compliation videos... Oh, and then a quasi Viral hit...

"Shit LA Actors Say": Episode 1

"Monday Morning": Episode 1

PGL Top 250: "Expiate" & the short it came from: "Darling Nikki"

Citizen Cope - "Sideways" Music Video

Duncan Sheik - "Start Again" Music Video

"Wrath of the Mysterous Man" - Trailer








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